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Make Rooms in Your Room Look Bigger with These Tips

Make Rooms in Your Room Look Bigger with These Tips
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Do you live in cramped quarters? Perhaps you have a problem space that is simply smaller than you would like? There are some simple strategies that can give your room a larger appearance. Consider these useful tips:

Make the Most of the Sun

Let in some natural light to make the space bright and visually-appealing. Try to unclutter window spaces, move furnishings, and remove heavy blinds to create the impression of a more open, large space.

Change the Way You Hang Drapes

Change how you hang window treatments; hang fixtures about six-to-twelve inches above where you normally position the hardware. Next, buy longer panels or drapes and puddle them on the floor. This will make the ceilings seem taller.

Purposefully Paint Your Ceiling

Use a light wall color on your ceiling to make it seem higher; keep colors light when you want a larger feel, dark when you want a more intimate space. You can also create a more cohesive effect by painting the walls and ceilings the same shade, with contrasting trim, sills, and molding.

Rethink Your Furniture

Rethink both your furnishings and where you place them in your space. Get rid of dated and bulky pieces and replace with streamlined, more-modern pieces to make more room; go with textured, rattan or wood pieces for a cool, casual design. Create small arrangements in larger rooms, rather than one large conversation area.

Look at the Floor

Take a good look at your floors: how do they look? Light, natural flooring will always make your space seem airy and open, and flooring may be the best area to spend any budget or resources in your transformation. A light hardwood is elegant, but there are some more-affordable laminates that replicate the look of more-expensive wood and stone.

Use these tips to create the illusion of a larger, more-open space anywhere in your home. The results can be transformative, impacting the entire home and everyday life.

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